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Best Home Improvements That Will Boost Your Home...

Every year, American homeowners spend more than $400 billion on home renovations. The average home remodel project costs between $3,000 and $25,000, depending on the scale of the renovations. Large-scale and whole-home renovations can go as high as $150,000 from beginning to end. But what are the best home improvements that will increase your home […]

New Home Checklist: 7 Essential First Week Tasks

New Home Checklist: 7 Essential First Week Tasks Congratulations, you’ve bought a house! Purchasing the home you want is exciting. We’re here to help you minimize the inevitable stress of moving. After planning a move for months and diligently doing all the packing, prepping, and logistics, many people moving into a new home find themselves […]

Mortgage Preapproval Affect on Credit Ratings

Does Shopping Around for a Mortgage Preapproval Hurt Your Credit Rating? For serious home shoppers, especially in competitive housing markets, it isn’t enough to be prequalified. You also need to be preapproved for a loan amount equal to or greater than the price of the home you’re considering (minus the down payment).  That said, stringent […]